Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Knowlton Henge

I recieved an email from Matthew Hart (Head of Visitor Operations-EH) regarding the signage to Knowlton Henge. They have to apply to the Highways Authority and meet a number of requirements, one of which is visitor numbers. It seems that not enough people visit to make signage desirable. It seems to me that if EH have the numbers they should send them to the HA, but it also seems that this is a Catch 22. If people do not know about the site and how to get to it the numbers will remain small and thus no signage will be put up to make it easier to find. Of course if the numbers rise it may well cause problems in itself. The site has a small layby on a narrow lane with space for only 2-3 cars. When I took my MA at UCL 10 years ago (Managing Archaeological Sites) this was just such a problem that we were trying to address. All the 'stakeholders' would have to be involved to resolve any issues but this site does deserve greater recognition. 

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