Thursday, 7 July 2011

Back to Hell

Love Learning students Claire, Dave, Gary and Julie at the Hell Stones

So it was back to normal for an evening visit to the Hell Stones - gales and rain. We cut down the distance to walk and used the stones as the shepereds used to do - for shelter. You have to imagine five bedraggled and windswept Heritage Hunters sitting under several tons of stone, our feet in mud, talking about long barrows. As we arrived back at the lay-by I assumed that they would want to be off home a.s.a.p. But no. "Lets go the Hampton stone circle", said Julie. So off we went into the storm. I shouted out some information until Dave took pity on me and said "lets not put him through anymore of this" and we all tramped back to the cars. 

"That was a really enjoyable evening Chris, despite the weather.  In fact it enhanced the atmosphere somewhat.  And I think we all displayed a high degree of moral fibre!" Thanks Dave.

I would like to thank the students for making the last few months so enjoyable. Boundless enthusiasm and good company made this the best course yet for me.

Driving to pick up Pam from Yeovil the rain turned to a torrent. But the late Bruscetta and cappochino at the pizzaria cheered me up. 

Next walk is Eggardon Hill. Details to follow.

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