Saturday, 30 July 2011

Philip Rahtz

It is with great sadness to read that Philip Rahtz has died aged 90. A self-taught archaeologist with no degree or Dr before his name, he was first and foremost a digger who nonetheless had a huge impact on the subject during his years excavating, publishing reports and also popular books. He was dedicated to communicating his work and the importance and relevance of archaeology when he wrote: "Not only is archaeology fun, highly educational and intellectually satisfying, it is also crucial to human survival". He was also typically an archaeologist that reinforced the eccentric stereotype, which is also my experience. Being a naturist he had a large nude picture of himself in his flat, and he was inclined to greet people at his door in the same manner. His long suffering partners had to put up with his many affairs. I would recommend his books to those looking to introduce themselves to the subject. As un-stuffy as himself and a good read too. RIP.

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