Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Gladiator School Found in Vienna

Here is a report:
"Archaeologists working at the "Archaeological Park Carnuntum" in lower Austria claim to have located and excavated a huge amphitheatre used to train gladiators. The Associated Press has reported that the ruins, which archaeologists are describing as "a sensational discovery", were located through the use of ground radar measurements. These measurements indicated that in size and structure the ruins rival both the Ludus Magnus, the largest gladiatorial arena in Rome, and the Colosseum, the largest amphitheatre ever built in the Roman Empire. More detailed information has yet to be released, but since the Colosseum had a capacity large enough for 50,000 spectators it can be assumed that this amphitheatre is of a similar size. A statement made on Tuesday by the Carnuntum archaeological park gave no indication as to when the find was located and excavated, although presumably it was discovered some time ago if excavations have already taken place. The site will be presented to the media on Monday".
The i newspaper states that this is the "first gladiator school found outside Italy" and that the schools centre was "dominated by a circular area equipped with wooden benches for spectators". Sound like anywhere? Yes, we have Maumbury Rings, described as a ludus, or training arena for the army and probably near the elusive fort of Roman Durnovaria. I feel a letter coming on. 

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