Monday, 12 September 2011

Iron Age Weekend

Iron Age roundhouse that would have stood at Turnworth

The weekend after next I am following an Iron Age theme by going to the Turnworth settlement (24th) and Eggardon Hill (25th) once more, so that those that have been to the latter can join me at Turnworth. It is well worth the drive to Turnworth, as this site is a rare surviving space where you can still walk down tracks and see where the roundhouses once stood over 2,000 years ago. You drive to Winterborne Whitechurch and turn left for Turnworth. After going through the village the lay-by is on the left. I will be wearing my hi-vi, so you can't miss me! But do ring or email to confirm, as it is a bit further to go and I would be very glum if no one turned up by 10.30am. I will be there if I get at least 4 people.
T. 0776 869 51 62

Wearing woad is optional.

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