Tuesday, 7 February 2012

'Bronze Age' boat reconstruction

The East Anglian boat

Archaeologists and shipwrights are working together to build a replica B/A boat at the National Maritime Museum, Cornwall. They will use the same tools and techniques of 4,000 years ago. Brian Cumby will not only make the boat but do so in front of museum visitors. 

He will make the planks and then sew them together using yew fibres, with the gaps caulked with moss. Such a technique was used before the use of metal nails and can still be found in areas of Norway, Finland and India. 

The largest prehistoric boats were c.16m long and would have been able to cross the narrow channel between the continent and GB. 

If you are in Cornwall from April until September pop in and visit the '2012 BC: Cornwall and the Sea in the Bronze Age' exhibition.

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