Monday, 13 February 2012

Mick Aston

Mick Aston
It was with great sadness that I read that Mick has left Time Team, our only archaeology show on TV. There seems to be changes going on at TT. Mick has stated that he thought that Channel 4 were dumbing the show down and that it was becoming more like the revamped Countryfile, with certain implications being inferred from that example. The archaeology may be being sidelined to some extent. I hope not. Team members change in any organisation but it depends on who comes in. Experience, knowledge and in this case communication skills must be the rule. Please be careful when reading the press and have a look at the British Archaeology magazine website for more accurate information. 

The public have been greatly served by TT over the last 20 years. Many in the profession have little time for it. I feel that it has introduced archaeology to all ages and backgrounds with the processes of excavation and looking at material culture to the fore. I hope that it continues to do so for another 20 years.  

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