Monday, 7 November 2011

Little & Long?

Sunday did not quite go as planned. I have been mixing up Little Berdy with Long Bredy and as a result Paul and Helen missed me standing at Long Bredy. Doh!, as Homer Simpson says. However I was spotted by some people because they came from the Bridport direction and had to go through Long Bedy on the way to Little Bredy. Helen and Paul did see me after the walk and were very understanding.

Paul has the ability to surprise me when he comes on my walks. See below for the artefacts Paul has found previously. On this occassion he had some nice flints, residue from preparing flint nodules from which tools are then struck. However, this possibly unique pipe bowl was the star find.

Clay pipe bowl of the Boer War
Paul, please give me the details of who this is as I have forgotten, either here or by email. Thanks. This side has been abraded and the detail is not so sharp.

However, this side was face down in the dirt and has survived very well. He has what we know now as an Australian bush hat, but they were used by the British Army too. The name will be posted as soon as I have Paul's information.


  1. I Have one which looks the same But has the letters on the side of the hat turned up N S W L

  2. This pipe was made by the well known firm of Charles Crop of London and depicts one of the City Imperial Volunteers. It was registered on 10 February 1900. The very similar looking NSWL version depicts one of the New South Wales Lancers and was made by William Brown of Stepney. His design was registered on 2 April 1900. Both pipes were made in response to troops fighting in the Boer War.

  3. Well, that answers that. Thanks for that information.