Thursday, 30 June 2011

Guest speaker

For our last Wednesday evening class in archaeology we had a guest speaker from Wessex Archaeology talking to us about the commercial world in which they work. WA are a not-for-profit registered charity (as are most big units in the UK) and have a policy of public engagement along with all the other work they do. Excavation is only 10% of their work, along with consultancy and working with planners and developers in the Historic Environment framework of the UK (and much more).

The fingerprints - Roman tile

  The last session is a visit to the Hellstones above Abbotsbury next Wednesday evening. We have looked at excavation techniques, the large sites I have worked on over the past 21 years and had a hands-on session processing artefacts (the Roman fingerprints being the highlight). But being able to dig on a real site was a big bonus. Thanks to the National Trust for allowing us to work at Golden Cap unearthing the Bronze Age barrows there, along with the arrowhead!

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