Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More Golden Cap pictures

Here are some more pics of the GC site. As you can see it was probably the most spectacular archaeological site in the UK! The sweep of the Dorset countryside to one side and the sea to the other. Of course, in good weather... I don't look too happy; we had moved dozens of barrows of rock by this time. The arrowhead made it all worthwhile. Typically though, the person who had been working in the area of the find had to go home and the NT head archaeologist then found it within five mins!

My walk at Long Bredy - come off the A35 then a left until you see the sign for St Peter. Sunday 19th, 10.30am. Some limited parking only.

Stay tuned for details of the 3rd July walk.

How many more of these?!

The arrowhead - oooohhhh

Look - a big stone! After several tons of chert...

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