Thursday, 23 June 2011

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The Forestry Commission undertook clearence work of Norway Spruce in Puddletown Forest and uncovered a section of Roman cobbled road 26m wide. Part of the 1st century Ackling Dyke, the section is to be preserved and signed so that locals and visitors can walk in the footsteps of Legionaries and Romano-British tribes-people.

The Institute for Archaeologists published figures showing a fall of 7.6% to 5,827 working archaeologists in the six months to 1 January 2011. In the commercial field 13.1% lost their jobs since July 2010. The IfA expect the situation to get worse and some units to cease trading altogether.

A scheme has been launched in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset to combat heritage crime. It relates to damage to historic sites (see my 'Stonehenge' blog), artefact theft and unlawful changes to, or destruction of, listed buildings. It has been denied that the heritage police have to grow beards, wear sandels instead of boots and carry trowels instead of batons.

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