Tuesday, 21 June 2011


My partner has just sent me a text message as she passed Stonehenge on the London bound bus. She said that the site is covered in litter after the mid-summer 'celebrations'. Setting aside the question of how relevant modern use of the site is by 'new-agers', 'druids' or people who wish to see this site as somehow a spiritual centre for them, if anyone leaves this unique structure in any way sullied, degraded, soiled or damaged they have forfeited any legitimate right of access. I believe that everyone, without prejudice, has the right to access their heritage, however they see it. But rights bring responsibilities. This space is a community one and we all have a responsibility to look after it. No less is it incumbent on English Heritage and the National Trust to lobby the government(s) that have allowed a World Heritage Site to be neglected and fought over, with little outcome, for so many years. If that is the lead that governments take some people will continue to use Stonehenge as a dustbin.

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