Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Diggers Day 15-16

The last couple of working days have been  hard slog to get the cess pit dug. It has been made harder by the water turning the clay/mud into a slurry, thus I'm sinking faster than I can shovel! So, we had to think again. We decided to take out the other half of the pit and hope that I can then dig deeper and find the base of the pit before it becomes unworkable. It is generally the case that the best finds tend to be at the bottom of a hole/well. People chuck stuff in and then bury it.

To speed things up, as we only have 4 working days next week before we have to vacate the site, I had a younger digger do some of the hard work for me (what else are they for!):
 It was suggested by one of the texts we had to read at college, from the 1960s, that Borstal boys are a good resource to have on site for the heavy work. 'Loowee' here has never had his 'collar felt', as far as I know, but is just as good!

Next week I will finish off the feature. Will I find treasure at the bottom or just more bottom waste? Look in to find out.  

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