Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Diggers Day No.8-9

Most archaeologists will work in weather and conditions that many people would shy away from. But today, with driving rain and biting cold even we had to admit that it was best to just give up. With frozen fingers and feet we trugged back to the hut. But even here we are only marginally better off. We have to squeeze into a space fit for hamsters, with the floors and walls covered in mud, as we have no where to divest ourselves of wet and dirty outer clothes. Meanwhile, even before the building site workers have arrived, three huge huts are onsite, one being a canteen which has yet to be connected to the electric. Only in our last week will we be able to get decent facilities to share.

Meanwhile I have finished off the terminus and am now working on the area where the enclosure turns from E/W to N/S. It looks as if the primary ditch only exists on the N/S axis. Only digging will answer that question.

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