Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Diggers Day No. 12-13

Bill Putnam

Yesterday we had a visit from Bill Putnams wife Maureen. Bill and Maureen have made archaeology in Dorset a lifelong passion. I only met Bill a couple of time before his death, unfortunately, but it was great to see Maureen on our site. She recognised me when introduced, but only after lifting my woolly hat! So if you want to hold up a bank just wear a woolly hat and you will be unrecognisable.

We had a brilliant sunny day and the sight of several buzzards wheeling overhead. Although common in Dorset they are a magnificent to see.

Today I have been working on one of a number of pits on the site. Rather uninspiring and full of flint, but I found a nice pottery rim in it:

But it was not all fun... We had to clean the site hut, which had become covered in mud from top to bottom, as it is being returned on Thursday. This is the life of an archaeologist. At least we didn't leave the level out overnight this time...

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