Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Diggers Day No.3

A better day weather wise, but still very windy. As the rain/sleet/snow held off the ground is drying and easier to work, plus I am not several centimeters taller every time I come off site!

I have finished digging the section through the enclosure ditch and found this nice translucent flint:
Not a great pic but my hands were cold. It is very thin and has a nice cutting edge.

This is the section through the ditch, in very strong sunlight, so again not too good. I found that the ditch is in fact two; the first wider and then a second one cut through the middle of the earlier feature. A small posthole can be seen to the left.

We had two deer scamper across the next field today. Two young males with furry antlers. I wouldn't have seen that in London!

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