Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Diggers Day No.6

Yesterday was no day for photos. Dank, dark, wet and very muddy, which makes every task twice as hard and long to do.

I finished off the second section through the enclosure ditch and established the primary terminus. Just two pieces of pottery this time and only small fragments at that. Next are two postholes that may be part of the whole structure - although two postholes do not a palisade make.

Covered from head to toe in clay, so took time to go through the paperwork, but the site hut is as muddy as the site itself! We are looking forward to the bigger canteen this coming week.

Some of the others are working today - and it is raining. They probably won't get much done in these conditions. We all hope that it dries up next week, but this is the west country after all. I spending a day off to wash all my things before returning to the fray tomorrow.  

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