Monday, 4 February 2013

A Diggers Day No.1

It is a truth universally acknowledged that were you find a digger you find 3-4 people standing looking at it. 

I started at the site today, and a windy one it is. It myst have been blowing 50-60 miles per hour. As with most sites we had to wait for the digger to turn up, so we had a look at the work done so far. The site had been stripped previously and produced some standard features as can be seen on the map posted previously. So we had to remove the protective covering and soil first. Once we had uncovered the site we could begin to clean back by troweling.

This is one of the postholes of the roundhouse and luckily the fill is dark and the surrounding natural is a nice orange/yellow clay with flints. Nice and clear!

We found some unstrat pottery straight away. A nice base from a Romano-British small dish. Once we have cleaned back we can start to see what needs to be done.

Not a bad start and the view is quite good too!



  1. Looks 10000-times better than where I'm going tomorrow, A coffer dam in the River Lea,,,, "Passmore Edwards territory"

  2. PEM days - mostly urgh, but some good times and sites.