Friday, 8 February 2013

A Diggers Day No. 4-5

Yesterday I finished off the section through the enclosure ditch:
This is a better picture, and as you can see there are lots of flint at the base of the secondary ditch cut. Archaeology is not all treasure, you know.

I then moved on to another section, this time to establish the butt-end of the primary ditch. The fill of the secondary ditch was richer in pot and this nice BBW base came up:

But better was to come. After taking more soil out I came across this:
This is a piece off the side of a pot which was hung over the fire, hence the 'lug' seen here in situ. It does look like someone has been buried with only their nose showing! This was post-ex:
This section of ditch yielded quite a few bags of pot, both BBW and a red ware that was quite poorly fired. A good haul:

The only down side at the moment is the small site hut. If the generator is not working I have to go for a pee in the dark. One has to trust to a good aim. However, we are due a site workers canteen next week - luxury! Hot lunches and fresh coffee too.

Working tomorrow, but on time and a half - hooray!

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